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    National Park Signs

    When we launched this website a few weeks ago, we made a logo. We love the signs in the National Parks that's why we made one of our own. The first sign we made is the current logo of our website. On this sign, the Half Dome as seen from Glacier Point in Yosemite. ©National Parks
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    Push notifications

    It has recently become possible to receive push notifications. If your device is supported, a button will be visible in blue. If your device is not supported, it is gray and it is not possible to click on it. You can find the push notifications under your account preferences at the top right...
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    Yosemite starts Peak-Hours reservation in 2022

    Yosemite will start Peak-Hours reservation system for 2022. Want to be notified of major updates to this topic? After registration, click on "follow" above (right) above this topic. In case of changes, you will receive a notification and/or an automatic email in your mailbox.
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    Read this before you start your promotion

    It is very difficult these days to promote your website. This forum is especially for travel bloggers to promote their website. But: Promote your website/service only in this special "Promotion" forum. Only travelblogs about the USA! Only promote your own website/service. No affiliate links...
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    First 500 users have chance to win $50 Amazon eGift Card

    Its easy! Just register and be active on this forum. The first 500 active members have a chance to win a $50 Amazon eGift Card.
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    Predict the Tioga Pass opening date 2022 and win!

    Welcome at this 1st edition of our Tioga Pass Prediction and have a chance to win a $50 Amazon eGift Card! It's super easy! Post one comment here with your opening date 2022. If you are the only one with the correct date then you are the winner! If there are multiple responses with the same...
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    Posting images

    Due to potential copyright issues it is not allowed to upload photos directly to our servers. To include an image in your message, first you need to upload it onto the web, so that it has a permanent location (URL). There are plenty of free image hosts that you can use, such as...
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    Forum rules

    Forum rules: No intentional personal attacks, rudeness, or personal provocation. No profanity, pornography or spam. Only one account per person. Respect designated topic areas (categories and threads) and moderator requests. Use basic grammar and punctuation. Excessive off-topic or pointless...